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Totem Fashion Press Day SS2017 in Paris

8 November 2016, Tuesday, Totem Fashion Paris

These two-day press day at Totem Fashion had a showcase of the latest summer spring 2017 collections of their represented designers including Anne Sofie Madsen, Antonio Ortega, Avoc, Bowie Wong, Chin Mens, Dorhout Mees, Icosae, Julien Fournié, Manish Arora, Sean Suen, Xuan as well as Instituto Marangoni Paris.  Talented accessories designers from different countries like Aicanon, Catalina Brenes, Gentle Monster, Niels Peeraer, South Lane Stockholm and Zoe Lee are also under Totem’s representation and their designs played a major component during the press day.  It was a very good opportunity to look closeup to the materials and the details of the garments and the accessories.

Photos ©Suet-sum Lai, all rights reserved.  


Dorhout Meestotem_dorhoutmees

Julien Fourniétotem_fournie_34y5922

Anne Sofie Madsentotem_annesofiemadsen

Manish Aroratotem_manisharora

Bowie Wong_34Y5988.jpg



South Lane Stockholmtotem_southlane

Catalina Brenestotem_catalinabrenes


Zoe Lee_34y5971


To know more about the designers and their designs, please check out the web page of Totem Fashion Paris.

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