Fashion Presentation

Artistic Ying Gao exhibited her fashion projects during RTW SS2017 in Paris

4 October 2016, Tuesday, 18:00, Galerie Joyce Paris

Ying Gao, the Canadian designer exhibited both her interactive and still projects in the Joyce Gallery in Paris.  She revealed her artistic and poetic mind to her audiences through the creations.

Photos ©Suet-sum Lai, all rights reserved.  


Incertitudes – this interactive garment is activated by voice and the pins move, which gives audiences a sense of uncertainty and misunderstandings during their interactive “conversations”.   yinggao2    

(No) Where (Now) Here – this interactive garment is made by photoluminescent thread with eye tracking technology, activated by audiences’ gaze.  This is one of the two dresses from the poetic series with concept of presence and disappearance. _34y4932

Neutralité: Can’t and Won’t – these 2 interactive pieces have installation of facial expression recognition system and the movements reminiscent microbial life.  Their moves are activated by an audience’s presence only, and would stop when the person begins to emote.  By all this means, the audience becomes part of a eco-system environment but is required to maintain humility for it being in “life”.        yinggao5

Sciences is fiction – this collection is inspired by a film “Science is fiction: 23 Films” by Jean Painlevé and “is devised with medical materials, reflects the watching/watched duality of the patient, the anonymous and aseptic conditions of the space, as well as the peculiarity of this contained universe as it constantly oscillates between science, reality and fiction.”_34y4941_34y4919_34y4939

Les Nébuleuses – the garments in this collection are made of super organza, a material as light as air, and the limits are only defined when the fabric touch the body. yinggao4_34y4921_34y4946

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