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Time travel with Guo Pei to her medieval “Legend” couture SS2017 collection

25 January 2017, Wednesday, 20:30, La Conciergerie, Paris

Guo Pei ‘s new couture collection “Legend” stunned her audiences totally with the mystery and romance by the garments, the accessories and the atmosphere of the ancient prison of Marie Antoinette, La Conciergerie.

The passion of Guo Pei on couture is rooted in the belief of “devotion”.  She believes “devotion is an everlasting merit of human being.  This sense of selfless commitment is always the driving force behind human exploration and creation.  Like sunlight, which bestows vitality to all creatures and brings property to life on Earth, the offer is so simple and complete, without any reservation.”

The new SS 2017 collection of Guo Pei “Legend” was inspired from her visit to St. Gallen cathedral dated back 719 AD in Switzerland, where she was mesmerised by the spectacular dome paintings.  All the fabrics were customized by the fabric producer, who transformed the medieval architectural drawings of the dome into the exquisite patterns on the fabric about which Guo Pei wanted to project them “as radiant as the sun”.  In addition, the collection put highlights on sophisticated craftsmanship and exquisite embroidery.

Thank you Guo Pei for taking us back to her medieval legend.  It was definitely a wonderful journey for all of us.

Video © Rafoto & Films Productions, all rights reserved. / Photo © Suet-sum Lai, all rights reserved.






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