Fashion Presentation / Video

“A la Liberté” a dance performance and contemporary music, HeForShe X Coppelia Pique FW2018

11 March 2017, Tuesday, 19:30, Palais Vivienne, Paris

On a music worthy of the jazzy spirit of New Orleans, a group of young resistants behold a mysterious woman who delivers a message to them as they await the return of one of their members.

Outside, the milicia is ready to attack.

Against all odds and thanks to a clever ploy, the two groups meet and form an alliance in which contemporary dance, writing, music and poetry become the weapons of their redemption and pardon.

Men and women will be bound together like reflections in a mirror and their union will be the metaphorical transposition of the different aspects of gender equality: filial links, catharsis through.

Marion Elan Trigo/ violoncelle, Théo de Hond/ guitare, Cristina Maso/chant, Ricardo Izquierdo/ saxophone
Danceurs, chorégraphes: Fanny Alton et Yutaka Nakata
Artistes invités:
Luna Aujard, Judith Felzine, Anne Kennory-Kim (peintre), Grâce Kaâme Lawson, Jean Lemersre, Virgile Malarewicz, Mathilde Recoing, Eugénie Pizzato, Antoine Tombini, Jaden Wess, Eleonore Willot.
Écriture monologues: Mathilde Recoing
Merci à Pwecca et Toxic Twin
Chef de Cabine: Solène Bardot
M.U.A.: Jessica Loulergue, Bettina Lucas, Alice Vaquerizo, Hadjira Mousselmal, Juliette Megevand
Hairs: Loreleï Gicquel, Graziella Pilleux-Cacoub, Chaima Ouraghi, Narimane Djerrar.

Video © Rafoto & Films Productions, all rights reserved. / Photo © Suet-sum Lai, all rights reserved.




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