Fashion show

Henrik Vibskov “The Great Chain of Sleepers” SS2018

24 June 2017, Saturday, 18:00, Université Paris Descartes

Wake up sleepers!

A falling asleep performer in last show inspired the design team of Henrik Vibskov to look into sleeping from different angles; what happens to us when sleep or don’t sleep, in what positions we lay, at which location we sleep and with what to sleep with.  And, except human beings, do animals, food, plants or clothing ever sleep?  When we sleep, we give up our bodies and sudden twitches escape our brains, and we go through a chain of sleeping stages.

The door between the dreamer and the outside world is not completely closed while images, ideas, emotions and sensations occur in the mind during the sleep.  Nightmares and dreams can be story-like, flamboyant, illogical, bizarre and downright surreal.  Sleeping in unconventional places, insomnia, night visions, monsters under the beds, wrinkled bed sheets and different layers of consciousness have inspired for the new SS2018 collection.


Photos ©Suet-sum Lai, all rights reserved. 


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