Fashion show

Guo Pei’s homage to Haute Couture FW2017/18

2 July 2017, Sunday, 18:30, Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, Paris

In the new FW2017 collection, Guo Pei pays homage to Haute Couture; she focus on the clothing itself, instead of expressing herself.  The 43 dresses are in the most sincere reverence to the remaining innocence of the grand era of Haute Couture.   The purest beauty of the craft of the era is seen from the the most delicate process and the most classic lines.   For this collection, Guo Pei has been working with Caroline Scheufele from Chopard to present their vision of Haute couture and Haute Jewelry, with combining Chinese and Western cultures and aesthetics.  “Through a joint runway show with Guo Pei, an innovative and promising form of feminine solidarity is expressed: women are never as strong as when they combine their talents” says Caroline Scheufele.

Photos ©Suet-sum Lai, all rights reserved. 


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