Fashion show

#FaithLoveHope – Talbot Runhof Ready-to-wear FW2018/19 in Paris

3 March 2018, Saturday, 18:45, Lycée Henri IV, Paris

Germany has a very strong culture of traditional clothing, they have a daily relevance for a substantial portion of rural society.  Dotting the landscape are dozens of small villages, from the northern tip of Germany in Amrum to the most southern point in Oberstdorf, each with their own identity, where these clothes are sewn, worn, cared for, treasured…

“Tracht”, it’s called, is an integral part of life and is worn to celebrate anything from the birth of a baby, to a wedding, religious events, holidays and culture festivals.

The beloved motto, GLAUBE LIEBE HOFFNUNG – FAITH LOVE HOPE – is symbolized by a cross, a heart and an anchor where every fabric, every colour, every flower, lace, embroidery, bead, pearl and bow has distinct significance.

So, keep the FAITH, LOVE one another and let’s all HOPE for the best.

 Photos ©Antonio SO, all rights reserved. 


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